Simple Tips to Make Your Home Greener

People are certainly thinking about how they can help the environment by living greener and you can use these ideas for home improvement as well. In fact, the best ways to improve the look and comfort of your home are usually also the most eco-friendly, as they can save you money on expenses such as heating bills. In this article we’ll be going through some of the green methods of improving your home.

The things that use the most energy are usually big appliances, so in order to cut your energy consumption you’ll need to replace them if you can. The biggest electricity guzzling appliances are your dryer, washing machine and fridge. If any of these are older models, it’s probably a good idea to think about replacing them, as newer ones will tend to be more energy efficient. If you do want to buy a new refrigerator make sure it’s just standard, otherwise you’ll end up using more power because of all the additional features it has. When it comes to your washer and dryer, you may want to consider getting a combo unit that takes up less space and uses less energy. Your energy costs will go down and you will have more space as well.

The way you light your home has a lot to do with the look and atmosphere, and it also has an impact on your electric bills. If you use bulbs that are energy efficient you can save yourself some money because they live up to ten time longer than regular ones. You shouldn’t go for bulbs that are more powerful than you need.

Using a dimmer can help in this way too, so that even if you have a high watt bulb in a room you don’t have to turn it all the way up unless you really need that much light. It also matters on how bothered you are about not wasting electricity. You should switch off any lights when you are leaving a room providing there’s nobody else in there.

Yards and gardens are a fabulous place to experience eco-friendly life and it will improve the way your home and what is around it is viewed. An easy thing to save energy is to carefully plant trees around the circumference of your home to give you better coverage in the summer and padding from the wind in the winter months. A bed of cultivated edible plants and vegetables is a wonderful route to have healthy foods and helpful to you your grocery budget. As you are looking over what types of plants to have in your house and outside your house, the main ones that are eco-friendly are the ones that are native to your part of the country and it won’t be so hard to keep healthy. Finally, use natural alternatives to pesticides to keep insects and animal pests away from your plants and garden.

To summarize, there are lots of ways to ensure your home is energy efficient and green. When you start thinking this way when you plan any home improvement projects, you’ll find that you can come up with many creative ideas. In addition to many of these ideas being good for the environment, they are also good for saving you money.


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